Vibrant Gourmet in Mountain View
During the initial meeting with the client at the job site, he showed me an inspirational photograph of a chalet in the Alps and asked if the project could reflect this. The project design concept is an important part of any design and is the foundation and inspiration upon which all the design elements are developed then incorporated together. So I developed the design concept for this kitchen project based on that photograph. The island countertop (quartz) material represents the natural granite found in the Alps, complete with the waterfall edge to replicate falling water. The flooring is a wood plank laminate - which happens to be low maintenance for this bachelor who loves to cook. The stainless steel appliances add the metallic element to the mix. The kitchen cabinetry features two different wood species - Alder and Walnut - and this relates to the forests in the mountains. Floating shelves are like tree branches. The final design element, and focal point, to this Alpine project is the glass tile backsplash, that I had installed in a gradient pattern from dark at countertop height to light at ceiling height. The three different colored glass tiles represent the Alpine lakes, sky, and clouds. Since there was an existing small opening in a wall that was expanded to increase the footprint of the kitchen, I left one section of this wall in the design and added the rectangular opening in this section of the wall to create a "window" to the view. The existing window in the project was replaced with one where the opening is level with the countertop to expand the visual space in the room and bring in more natural light. The client is a bachelor who loves to cook and have friends over to gather around the island with him - so this space is so vibrant and energizing - I'm sure the crowd has a lot of fun together!